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Development design installation maintenance and marketing of pv power generation systems sales of silicon solar cells solar modules and accessories pv equipment components material products technical consultation and marketing of general equipment and accessories import and export of self employed and acting goods and technology of all kinds

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BCT DC Appliances


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CNBatteryLED lightUngroupedSolar LightDC 12 TV 32Solar PanelWhite DC FANUFO Light 13wSolar FreezerT8 Tube Light40L DC FREEZER99L DC FREEZER135L DC FREEZERLiFePO4 BatteryBattery DetailsMini Smart PowerUngrouped DetailsLED light DetailsDirect Current FANSolar Panel DetailsBCT-DTB Smart PowerSolar Energy SystemType 40L DC FREEZERPower Can AC OutputSolar Outdoor LightBCT-DTB3.0 DC TIMESLiFePO4 Battery PackHigh Quality BatteryBCT-DTB DC TIMES 3.0Solar Cells & PanelsUFO Series Light 13w99L Series DC FREEZERSolar air conditionerSolar Freezer Details40L Series DC FREEZER5 Inches Led DownlightType UU 24-130 Battery8 Inches Led DownlightHigh Quality LED lightType T8 Tube Light 13wHigh Quality UngroupedBCT-OLL 7W Lotus LightDirect Current FREEZERType C3.0 DC TIMES 3.01.5kW Submersible PumpBCT-OLA 7W Apple Light1.5kW Submergible PumpAutomatic Suction PumpUU24-130 Series BatteryLed Emmbedded Downlight0.37kW Submersible PumpRadar Solar Flood LightSubmergible Series PumpSubmersible Series Pump0.37kW Submergible PumpHigh Quality Solar PanelT8 Series Tube Light 13wHigh Quality DC 12 TV 32BCT-OLL Solar Lawn Light12V/80ah LiFePO4 Battery12V/17ah LiFePO4 BatteryUU Series 24-130 Battery0.25kW Self-priming PumpBCT-OLL1.0 7W Lotus LightBCT-OTL1.0 30W Sword LightBCT-OLB2.0 Blue Fire LightBCT-OLF 7W Flat Light 1.0SBCT-OLA1.0S 7W Apple LightHigh Quality Solar FreezerHigh Quality UFO Light 13wBCT-OTL1.0 50W Sword LightSolar Portable ApplicationBCT-OLJ 20W Simplify LightBCT-OLF 15W Flat Light 2.0Direct Current 135L FREEZERBCT-OLP 15W New Peach LightSolar Energy System DetailsType 8 Inches Led DownlightType 3 Inches Led DownlightType BCT-OLL 7W Lotus LightType BCT-DTB1.0 Smart PowerSolar Outdoor Light DetailsType 5 Inches Led DownlightBCT-DFL5.0 Solar Flood LightBCT-DFL4.0 Solar Flood LightBCT-DFL2.0 Solar Flood LightBCT-OLL Solar Lawn Light 1.0High Quality 135L DC FREEZERBCT-OLJ1.0 20W Simplify Light8 Inches Series Led DownlightBCT-OLL Series 7W Lotus LightBCT-OLG 7W Golden Apple LightBCT-OLF2.0 15W Flat Light 2.0BCT-OLC1.0 50W Crossbow Light5 Inches Series Led Downlight3 Inches Series Led DownlightBCT-OLC1.0 30W Crossbow LightType BCT-OLL Solar Lawn LightBCT-DTB1.0 Series Smart PowerSolar air conditioner DetailsTyp BCT-OLF 7W Flat Light 1.0SLittle Radar Solar Flood LightType BCT-OLL1.0 7W Lotus LightHigh Quality Solar Flood LightBCT-OLP1.0 15W New Peach LightBCT-OLG 15W Golden Peach LightBCT-OLB2.0 50W Blue Fire LightMiddle Radar Solar Flood LightBCT-OLF1.0S 7W Flat Light 1.0SHigh Quality Direct Current FANDirect Current 12 Television 320.25kW Series Self-priming PumpBCT-OLL Series Solar Lawn LightType BCT-OLF 15W Flat Light 2.0Type BCT-OLA 7W Apple Light 1.0S12V/ 200 AH LiFePO4 Battery PackType BCT-OLP 15W New Peach LightBCT-OLMJ 20W Mini Simplify LightPower Can AC Output Type BCT-SPCHigh Quality Solar Energy SystemBCT-OLG1.0 7W Golden Apple LightBCT-DFL1.0 Solar Flood Light 1.0BCT-OLL1.0 Series 7W Lotus LightType BCT-OLL1.0 Solar Lawn LightBCT-DFL5.0 Solar Flood Light 5.0BCT-DFL2.0 Solar Flood Light 2.0High Quality Solar Outdoor LightType BCT-DTB1.0 Mini Smart PowerBCT-OLG1.0 15W Golden Peach LightType BCT-DFL1.0 Solar Flood LightBCT-OLF 15W Series Flat Light 2.0BCT-OLF Series 7W Flat Light 1.0SType BCT-DFL5.0 Solar Flood LightBCT-OLP Series 15W New Peach LightSolar Portable Application DetailsBCT-SCL1.0 15W Solar Ceiling LightBCT-DTB1.0 Series Mini Smart PowerPower Can AC Output BCT-SPC SeriesBCT-OLL1.0 Series Solar Lawn LightType BCT-OLF2.0 15W Flat Light 2.0Typ BCT-OLF1.0S 7W Flat Light 1.0SType BCT-OLG 7W Golden Apple LightBCT-OLA Series 7W Apple Light 1.0SHigh Qualiy 8 Inches Led DownlightHigh Quality Solar air conditionerBCT-OPP1.0 50W Pure Precious LightBCT-OPP1.0 30W Pure Precious LightBCT-OLB2.0 80W Blue Fire Light 2.0Type BCT-OLG 15W Golden Peach LightHigh Quality 3 Inches Led DownlightType BCT-OLB2.0 80W Blue Fire LightType BCT-OLB2.0 50W Blue Fire LightHigh Quality 5 Inches Led DownlightBCT-OLMJ1.0 20W Mini Simplify LightType BCT-OLP1.0 15W New Peach LightType BCT-OLJ 20W Simplify Light 1.0Type BCT-OTL1.0 30W Sword Light 1.0Tpye BCT-OTL1.0 50W Sword Light 1.0BCT-OLG Series15W Golden Peach LightBCT-OLG Series 7W Golden Apple LightHigh Quality Radar Solar Flood LightBCT-OLF2.0 15W Series Flat Light 2.0Type BCT-OLB2.0 120W Blue Fire LightType BCT-OLA1.0S 7W Apple Light 1.0SType BCT-OLG1.0 7W Golden Apple LightHigh Quality 12V/80ah LiFePO4 BatteryType BCT-OLMJ 20W Mini Simplify LightBCT-OLJ Series 20W Simplify Light 1.0BCT-OLB2.0 Series 80W Blue Fire LightBCT-OTL1.0 Series 50W Sword Light 1.0Type BCT-DFL4.0 Solar Flood Light 4.0BCT-OLP1.0 Series 15W New Peach LightBCT-OLB2.0 Series 50W Blue Fire LightType BCT-DFL2.0 Solar Flood Light 2.0BCT-OLF1.0S Series 7W Flat Light 1.0SBCT-OTL1.0 30W Series Sword Light 1.0BCT-OLA1.0S Series 7W Apple Light 1.0SType BCT-OLC1.0 30W Crossbow Light 1.0Type BCT-OLC1.0 50W Crossbow Light 1.0Type BCT-OLJ1.0 20W Simplify Light 1.0High Quality 12V/17 Ah LiFePO4 Battery3Inches Series Led Emmbedded DownlightType BCT-OLG1.0 15W Golden Peach LightBCT-OLB2.0 Series 120W Blue Fire LightType BCT-OPP1.0 50W Pure Precious Light5 Inches Series Led Emmbedded DownlightBCT-OLMJ 20W Series Mini Simplify LightGreat Quality 12V/17 Ah LiFePO4 BatteryBCT-DFL1.0 Series Solar Flood Light 1.0High Quality Solar Portable ApplicationType BCT-OPP1.0 30W Pure Precious LightBCT-OLG1.0 Series15W Golden Peach LightBCT-DFL4.0 Series Solar Flood Light 4.08 Inches Series Led Emmbedded DownlightType BCT-SCL1.0 15W Solar Ceiling LightBCT-OLG1.0 Series 7W Golden Apple LightBCT-OLJ1.0 Series 20W Simplify Light 1.0BCT-OLC1.0 Series 30W Crossbow Light 1.0Type BCT-OLMJ1.0 20W Mini Simplify LightBCT-OLC1.0 Series 50W Crossbow Light 1.0BCT-SCL1.0 15W Series Solar Ceiling LightBCT-OPP1.0 Series 50W Pure Precious LightBCT-OPP1.0 Series 30W Pure Precious LightBCT-OLMJ1.0 20W Series Mini Simplify LightHigh-quality 12V/ 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Pack
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